Greetings from

After taking a break for a couple of years, I am back on the web with (so far) a minimalistic web site. Take a look around. Perhaps you'll find something to interest you.

Don't see what you're looking for? Check back soon. This entire site is currently under development.

Contact Information

I can be reached via e-mail at scrow@SDF.ORG. I fully support GPG signed and encrypted e-mail messages. You can search for my key right here.

Before you e-mail me for the first time, you will need to know a little bit about my e-mail filtering. You can e-mail me without reading this information first, but your message may experience unnecessary delays. This is necessary to keep the spammers out.

I am available on Jabber (XMPP): I am usually capable of supporting GPG-encrypted chat thanks to the free Psi software. Check it out.

I'm still an active user of IRC and am usually on Freenode. I'm probably lurking in #gaygeeks right now. Look for "KG4PEQ".

Finally, I'm an amateur ("ham") radio operator, call sign KG4PEQ. You can most readily find me on D-STAR and on the local IRLP repeaters. D-STAR users can hit me up on the gateway. The local W4FJ*C machine stays linked to REF025B during the day, so you can give me a holler there, too. If I'm in Richmond and you're in the analog world, try the W4RAT 146.88 or 442.55 MHz repeaters, which are IRLP ndoes 4424 and 4995, respectively.


Please check out PHP Dead Man's Script!

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